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I am ready for a business loan
There are two ways you can get a business loan. Use your personal credit or use your existing monthly business income. Normally monthly deposits should be $25k or more. Sometimes you can get funding for as little as $10k in monthly deposits.
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I want to FIX my credit
Fixing your credit is very easy to do. For many people you can do this in just a few months. The basics are Step 1: Clean your credit and then Step2: Boost your credit. You can clean your credit either do-it-yourself, DIY or ... use a professional company. Once your credit is 'clean' then the next step is to 'boost' your credit. After a clean & boost you can start building your credit so you can get access to those high limit, 0% interest credit cards.
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I want to BOOST my credit
You can boost your credit anytime, but if you have any negative items on your credit report it is better to stop and clean your credit first. You can BOOST your credit by adding positive things to your credit profile. We have several very special programs that can boost your credit rating.
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My Persoan Credit Rating is OVER 700
If your personal credit rating is OVER 700 then you have many funding options. Be sure your personal credit profile has a low debt ratio, no negatives, no late payments and existing high credit limits.
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My Persoan Credit Rating is BELOW 700
If your personal credit rating is UNDER 700 then you'll need to work on your credit. Things you need to look for on your personal credit profile are debt ratio, no negatives, no late payments and existing credit limits. Don't worry. There are lots of things you can do to CLEAN then BOOST your credit.
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Confused About Where To Get
A Business Loan?
Did you know...if you search Google for business loans you will get 640 million websites to choose from?

That's right...over 640 MILLION websites!

Who has time for that kind of tedious research??

You need money now...but not just money...
Money with the LOWEST rate, right?

What if there was a way to do this that was so simple, even a child could do it and make the best decision?

Problem Solved!
You already know most banks say they approve over 90% of their applicants, but that's just not true. There are only a tiny fraction of lenders that will really fund you and we'll show you exactly who they are.

We track the ones with the lowest rates everyday too, so your application will only go to the the top 5 funding companies with the best rates right now.

You will get multiple funding offers so you can choose and you stay in control the whole time.

Best of all, unlike other sites, there will be NO hits on your Credit Report.
You have zero risk and everything to gain...

Real Money for your business right now!

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Business Funding Programs

★ Revenue Based Loans
★ Start Up Loans (Unsecured)
★ Credit Card funding Starting at 0% Interest!
★ Start Up Credit Lines (Unsecured)
★ High Limit Credit Cards ($50k, $100k)
★ Unsecured Term Loans
★ Lines of Credit
★ Existing Business Line of Credit Programs
★ Merchant Cash Advances
★ Real Estate Funding Programs
★ SBA 7(a)
★ Equipment Financing and Leasing
★ Accounts Receivable Financing
★ Purchase Order Funding
★ Invoice Funding
★ Free Business + Personal Credit Monitoring
★ Energy Efficient Commercial Improvements
Personal Funding Programs
★ Personal Loans
★ Start Up Loans (Unsecured)
★ 0% Interest credit cards
★ Line of credit
★ Free Business + Personal Credit Monitoring
★ Financial Planning
★ Retirement Annunities
★ New purchase
★ Refinance
★ Energy Efficient Home Improvements
★ Reverse Mortgage
★ Credit Repair
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