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How to BOOST your credit rating
Are you ready for new credit?
When can I get new funding?
How much new funding can I get?
Where is my credit profile right now?
What do I need to do to get a better credit score?
How do I clean my credit?
How to I prepare my credit for maximum funding?
What do I do next?
    Our Funding Progress Chart will tell your where your credit is at today ... what you need to work on to make better ... will give you a step-by-step action plan to get you prepared for maximum funding. It's fun. It's free. It's easy. And it's fast. Just sign up on our website & we'll build your own custom Funding Progress Chart.

    Here's a few real life funding progress charts that you can look at. These are from real folks trying to improve their credit score and get new funding. The first Funding Progress Chart is from someone who has completed all the steps and went on to get over $93,000 in new funding. The other Funding Progress Charts will show you the progress that some of our other clients are making. Sign up at our website today and we'll start working on you!
    The first step in BOOSTING your credit rating is to ADD POSTIVE things to your credit profile. The fastest and easiest way is to add 'tradelines' or 'credit lines' to your credit profile. One way, and it's free, is to ask someone you know to 'add you to their credit card' as an 'authorized user'. Make sure they have good credit first, and that they have a perfect payment history, and that they owe 10% or less on the balance. When they add you as an 'authorized user' their credit history and score for that credit card will show up on your credit profile.

    As an 'authorized user' you will not be able to spend any of the money. That's not the point. You will however get a bump up on your credit score. And fast, too. That is the whole point.

    If you don't know anyone that can help you, then you can search the interent. There are alot of very bad people out there, so BE CAREFUL. You will be giving someone all your information; name, address, DOB and SSN. It's very easy to get caught up into an identity theft situation.

    We use certain people for authorized users. We know them and they are safe. You can use our people if you want to. Give us a call to discuss getting access to quality authorized user credit card accounts. Our people have well established, big name banks, very low balances, very high credit limits and absolutely perfect payment history. It makes all the difference.

    Costs: Tradelines normally cost about 5% of the credit limit. They tend to stay on your credit profile for 30 days. That is why it is so important to do the CREDIT CLEAN before you do the CREDIT BOOST. Take your time and do it the right way.

    Costs: Let's take a look at the 5% cost. A $1,000 credit limit willl cost you $50. A $10,000 credit limit will cost you $500. Your tradelines don't need to be on a single credit card. In fact, if you look at the Funding Progress Charts (FPC) below you can see that multiple tradelines look the best on your credit profile. A good tradeline package would have $3,000, $6,000, $9,000, $12,000, $18,000 and maybe even something over $20,000. Add all those credit limits up, calculate 5% tradeline cost and that's how much it will cost you to present that type of credit profile.

    Your Credit Value: Let's suppose you have a totally CLEAN credit profile and no credit cards. That might seem ok, but the bank will look at you and say 'no credit history' and will not give you any credit. Let's say you have a $300 credit card....the bank will say you are a $300 credit person, because that's all you have on your credit profile. Kinda hard to get a $50,000 credit line isn't it? If you had a $1,000 credit card what would the bank say? You got it....your a $1,000 credit person. Maybe you can get a new $500 credit card. Maybe.

     But . . . what if you had $50,000 or more in unused credit lines? How do you think the bank will look at you then? That's right. They will be giving you plenty of new credit and with 0% interest rate!

     So, that's the secret. CLEAN your credit first. BOOST your credit with tradelines. GET NEW CREDIT.

     Here's some more good news... you don't have to do this all at once. CLEAN your credit. Buy a small tradeline and BOOST your credit. GET NEW CREDIT. Then, use that new credit to buy more tradelines. That will BOOST your credit even more. Remember, any new credit you get will BOOST your credit and it lasts more than 30 days. It's your new credit card now. Then you can GET MORE NEW CREDIT. Then go back and BOOST your credit again with more tradelines. You can keep doing this until your sick of getting so much credit you don't know what to do with it. Many people have done this and reached several hundred thousands of dollars in NEW CREDIT. You can too.

FPC # 1
(Perfect. This is your goal)
FPC # 2
(Too many inquiries)
FPC # 3
(Too many inquiries & public records & high credit usage)
FPC # 4
(Too many inquiries, minor credit history)
FPC # 5
(Too many inquiries, minor credit history)

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